The public bus network in Vientiane can be a bit confusing for visitors and the fact that few signs are in English doesn’t make matters any easier. Know that there are minibuses, which connect various parts of the city, but these typically head to most major tourist attraction.

The alternative is the Tuk-Tuk and Jumbo buses. The Tuk-Tuk are basically “for hire” minibuses, while the Jumbo heads on various routes around the city. The thing to remember is there is no set fare so you should be sure to barter with the drivers.  Tuk-Tuks can be hired by small groups and will take you to your destination, while the larger Jumbo essentially heads to one set destination and picks up passengers along the way. However, there isn’t the traditional fixed schedule so do keep this in mind so you can plan ahead for the trip home.

Taxicabs are also plentiful in Vientiane, but many are actually retired taxis from Thailand! So if you’re looking for a new cab you might have to keep looking. The distance determines fares, but the drivers are use to negotiating for the fare. They’ll start high and expect a counter offer. Likewise, consider hiring a car for the day, as it can actually be quite affordable. Use common sense and don’t flash large sums of money, but generally the drivers are friendly and the use of taxis is very safe.