One of the most important safety concerns when visiting Vientiane is that you have the proper travel documents prior to your arrival.
The US State Department warns that some unscrupulous travel agents have sold false Lao visas, and these will only get you
turned back. Do not make an attempt to enter Laos at anyplace other than ports of entry, as smuggling is a serious problem and
entering the country illegally could result in a prison sentence. However, you can also obtain a visa upon arrival,
but check with the consulate before you decide to visit Vientiane.

Violent crime in Laos is actually very low and even street crime is low in the major cities like Vientiane. The most common
types of petty crimes to affect tourists are bag snatchings on the streets late at night, although even these are very rare.
Motorcycle theft is becoming significant, mainly as people are so trusting that they often leave the keys in their bikes.

As a general guideline (for safe travelers) stay away from drugs and openly expressing political opinions, this should reduce the risk to have to deal with the local authorities.

As with all places, don’t make yourself a target. Don’t flash large sums of money; don’t carry valuables in large bags and
make sure that your bags are zipped up and sealed at all times. Try and keep an eye on your possessions at all times
when you’re on the go. And women should use caution when visiting Laos, especially when heading out at night.

As Western and European medical industries reported so much, the environment in Laos has infectious issues even now.
According to local newspapers, Laos goverment is eager to launch improvement plans of water and foods quality.
The travel guide "Lonely Planet" also describes this social reality in their books. However, it is not definitely affecting
the tourism market. Laos goverment sides and tourism industries never show the atittude to adjust this serious problem.

Even now Barack Obama released Laos from economic blacklist, this situations are laying on the whole Laos areas.
Besides, Laos is the place where Chinese or Thai companies leak dumped foods (dropped the quality test for
finished foods) and deal with it there. Likely Myanmer, Laos government never set the decent law for this gungster
business. This means that their motto "Protect Lao culture" is ironically fake and they never protect their country market at all.

So proper quality of foods, medicine or electronic products cannot be expected there. Especially Tarat Sao is such main
black shopping mall and almost of shop owners are Thais. Many internet sites reported they are selling fake goods there.

Most of MIni marts have the same case.

They never hesitate to replace expire date labels to new ones and dare to sell such out-of-date foods as
expensive prices or even mold breads not for to waste. Unfortunately, local ones hate this compromised products and
go to Thailand for safe shopping.

"Laos Revolution" by upper class Lao persons who came back from Western or European countries is trying to
approach the modern culture. However it is targeting only for media industries. The adjustment for education and
health appears to be ignored. In fact, local people don't know about alcohol or antibiotics and these less cost.

For tourists, there are a few methods to protect their safty in Laos and should be highly recommended bringing
decent medicines every time. Medical study is simply the besic for food security.