When shopping in night or street markets have a real look around the market before you buy, deciding what you want to buy first before you ask the price of anything.

Try to check out what is on more than one stall before you start, as you might find something better on 3 stalls down.   However, if you have been looking and see the one thing you must have then do start the process.

Picking things up or asking a price can be seen by some vendors as the start of the negotiation process.

Decide a rough price range in your mind for what you would like to pay for that item. If you don't prepared for your maximum price to pay then you are preparing to get either ripped off and pay too much or preparing not to buy. So if you don't bargain hard then the bargains will not be that good!

When you first ask the price it will be far inflated, and as a rule of thumb you will end up paying about third to half what they first ask.  By asking the price you are showing an interest to buy. This for many is against the natural culture as we like to look, pick it up, see the price then decide! 

If you then ask what is there best price for the item this will then normally start of the bargaining process.  Walking away once you start the process was once seen as bad manners, but is not so much of an issue now.

What you pay (when bargaining) will be what you want to pay, so if you think AU$10 is your max price, they ask for $25, start your bartering at $4 or 5 or lower and not start at $10.

If you are experienced it will be easy, for the majority of folks it's difficult as we don't like to offend or are embarrassed, and the traders rub their hands when some turn up and pay the full first asking price.

So if the vendor asks for 100, and if about half the price is what you are prepared to pay, then offer them 20, so they ask 95, you offer 25 and then you too and fro with figures until you meet somewhere at the 30-50 mark.

If they won't bargain, and some won't haggle much, then just walk away, if they want a sale they will call you back, or you will have to rethink and have to pay more for that item or find another bargain on the next stall.

Bargaining in the shopping malls is not the norm. If you do buy a lot they will usually throw in some freebies or a discount, for example if you buy some perfume you will get some sample bottles free, or if you buy several pairs of shoes then you will get more of a discount. Prices at the shopping malls are usually more than the markets, but its nice to check it all out and see the genuine fakes or the genuine articles.