What a gorgeous place.  Depending on what you want out of your vacation, these are a few good reference materials. 

Lonely Planet Maldives -provides accurate and detailed maps showing atolls, reefs, resorts and dive sites 

the best spots for surfing, snorkelling, sailing and diving.        

photo guide to many of the reef fish that can be found in the waters.

Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkeling Maldives- This book describes 78 of the best sites in the Maldives , with full-color photos taken in the wake of El Niño damage. 

provides dive site topography and access info.

tells about the resort islands across the archipelago,how can you pick one out of the many  or maybe you would like to stay on a safari boat?  contact info for this type of vacation is provided.

travel logistics and topside attractions plus maps to help you decide on a final destination.

Maldives Mystery- this book is more of a historical account.  It provides information gleamed during archeaological digs.

While it was dry at times, it provides an insight to how ancient the culture is.

Maldives , Kingdom of a thousand isles- this book is a good reference to the present day Maldives .  Information on the capital island, Male, customs, culture and geography.

Resorts Guide by MondoMaldive - if you can get hold of it, this is well worth a look. A comprehensive guide covering all the resorts, published in April 2006. Photos of each, along with info on room facilities, resort facilities, bars and restaurants and e-mail and web addresses for each resort. The only drawback is that it was originally written in Italian and hasn't always been accurately translated into English, but if you can live with that, it is informative and includes a section on travel information and culture, along with a CD-rom resort finder and underwater guide. A good companion to the holiday brochures to help decide on which resort to visit.

 Resorts of the Maldives by Adrian Neville - again, not the easiest book to get hold of. A detailed review of each resort written by the author, along with colour pics and price guides. Written in 2002, so it's now a bit out-of-date (some of the resorts are now closed due to tsunami damage or refits, plus a number of new resorts have opened since and a couple have changed names, been refurbished or taken over by different nationalities), but still a good read that will have you making a very long list of resorts to visit!

3rd edition updated and published in 2007

"DREAMING OF MALDIVES" 2nd edition 2008, an up-to-date book with awesome photography