Visitors have numerous options for getting to Islamabad, which include by air, road and rail.

            The easiest and most convenient way of getting to Islamabad is by flying directly into the Islamabad International Airport, which is located outside of Islamabad, near the city of Rawalpindi.  Plans are to begin building a new airport in 2006, which will be only 5km away from Islamabad.  This is one of the country’s main airports and there are many daily arriving flights from key locations around Pakistan, as well as certain international destinations.  Taxis are available at the airport for transportation to the city. 

            The Pakistan Railway Company has a large network of routes that link the major destinations around the country, including Islamabad.  For information about available routes to Islamabad, check out this Plan a Trip link.

            Driving to Islamabad is a possibility, but it is not recommended.   Rental cars are available in Pakistan, but are a bit different than in other places in the world.   Most of the time when hiring a car, a driver comes with the vehicle.   This is generally a good thing as driving in Pakistan can be complicated and dangerous.   Surprisingly, hiring a driver is not too expensive.