Visitors to Islamabad have a number of options for getting around, and include by car, train, bus, and taxi.

            Rental cars in Islamabad are a bit different than in other places in the world.  Most of the time when hiring a car, a driver comes with the vehicle.  Driving in Pakistan can be complicated and dangerous for first time visitors.  Check out this Pakistan Driving Dangers page before deciding to get behind the wheel of a car.  Surprisingly, hiring a driver is not too expensive.  If however a driver is not wanted, a large deposit must be put down in order to obtain a vehicle.  Both options can be arranged at certain tourist centers.              The Pakistan Railway Company has a large network of routes that link the major destinations around the country, including Islamabad.  For information about available routes to and from Islamabad, check out this Plan a Trip link.

            Public busses are slow and crowded, but very cheap.  They are easily identified by their bright colors.  Seats in the front, near the driver, are for women and children.  Note: sometimes drivers expect passengers to jump off at stops while the bus is moving.  Visit this Getting around in Pakistan link to read more about certain travel precautions in the country.

            Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city of Islamabad.   Fares are to be negotiated before starting a trip, and are usually very cheap.   Because most drivers do not speak English, make sure to carry a map with your destination distinctly circled.   Taxis are generally yellow in color and can be found in major public areas around the city.