Well I grew up in the twin cities of rawalpindi and Islamabad. Islamabad is one of the beautiful cities in the world. Its quite lush green. There are many places to visit in Islamabad. If you are into shopping and would love to take some souveniers home then don't miss Jinnah super market. It has an excellent leather shop called traditions where you can easily get a great quality leather wallet for under $15. They ahave other good leather stuff too like ladies purses and office stationary item and the best thing is they can personalize anything. If you roam around a little in Jinnah super you will find some really cool hadicraft shops too but they might be a little expensive but in Pakistan most of the shopkeepers bargain so u can offer a price and if they except it, its yours. In hadicrafts shops you can find some hand embroided cushion covers or stoles, shawls, bed spreads some kurtas, sometimes traditional shoes too. I think a good hadicraft shop is in Super market which is about 2 km from Jinah super market. The super market has a shop called Threadline Gallery which has a very good variety of all the crafts done in Pakistan. Most of the things are handmade and you can even find carpets at a good price. In super market there are some good eatries like a place called munchies where u can grab some traditional pakistani snack food like samosas, Chana chat, Gol gapay or even some burgers with minch meat patties.

Public transportation is a little difficult to travel in so It would be advisable to rent a car which is pretty cheap and easier to travel in . Rest is good. I am sure you will enjoy your trip