(Comments in bold are from someone who lives in Uzbekistan and speaks Russian).

Russian is the most commonly used language.  Here are some important phrases:

Privet (pronounced priviet) hello

(Actually, the pronunciation is closer to "PREEV-yet."  This is a greeting of familiarity, not something one would use with strangers. The more formal, and more common, hello greeting is  DZVRAT - veets- yeh).

Kakdela (pronounced kakzila) how are you.

(Actually, it's pronounced kawk deh-law).

Kharasho( kharasho) ok fine

Normale --- ok

(Should be nor-MAL-nuh).

Poka (pucca) bye

(Should be pronounced pah-KAW).

Dosvedaniya(dosvedanya) good bye

Skolka    ---- what price?

(Pronounced more like SKOY-kuh.  It actually means "how much" or "how many," but can be used to ask a price.

One  dollar is equal to about 1260 soums

(Currently - August '09 - about 1450 sum [pronounced "soom"] at official exhange rates, about 1800 at black market rates.

Credit cards are not accepted in most places so carry enough soums with you where ever you go