The following allowances apply to the import of bothdomestic and foreign goods:

 a) 200 cigarettes (1 Box) and 50 cigars. Plus: 200 gmstobacco and 200 cigarette papers or 200 gms pipe tobacco or 200 gms chewingtobacco or 200 gms tobacco for nargile or 50 gms snuff,

 b) In addition to the above allowances, it is also possible to purchase 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500 gm pipe tobacco in theTurkish Duty Free Shops when entering the country.

 The following may also be imported: 1.5 kg coffee; 1.5kg instant coffee; 500 gms tea; 1 kg.chocolate; 1 kg. confectionery;

1 (100 cl) or 2 ( 75clor 70 cl) bottles of wine and/or spirits;

cologne, lavender water, perfume,essence, lotion (120 mls maximum of each)