The last thing you want to do in a dynamic port town like Haifa is sit still. Here is how to get the blood pumping and see the city at the same time:
  • Beit Oren: This horse ranch organizes rides up Mt. Carmel, which has the most scenic trails in the area. Greenhorns can take riding lessons down at the ranch until they feel comfortable going on a guided tour or solo ride.
  • Maccabi Haifa Football: The city’s successful major league football club plays in Haifa’s Kiryat Eliezer stadium. Even those unfamiliar with Israeli soccer should enjoy watching a Maccabi game – remember, root for the team in the green uniforms!
  • Ahuza Springs: Take a nature walk through one of Haifa’s natural springs. Depending on the amount of rain Ahuza may be quite shallow, but the looping trail will take you through orchards and other scenery. The easiest place to begin the walk is at the intersection of Freud St. and Vitkin.
  • Bat Galim: This is the coastal area of Haifa, and is home to some of northern Israel’s best beaches for surfing, sunbathing and other water sports. The water gets cold during the winter, so summer is the best time to visit the beaches at Bat Galim.
  • Haifa Stairs Challenge: This track is for fitness people that do not have knee issues. There are 1100 stairs in this path from Mount Carmel to the German Colony providing not only great urban experience (with many architecture styles) but also opportunity to have great outlook on Haifa, the port and the Haifa bay. Rout length is 2.5 KM and for relax walk allocate 3.5 hours. Since it is not a cyclic track consider using public transportation (bus/taxi) back to the starting point. The rout starts on Yefe Nof Street #111, next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Check for Madregot Gedera. (Gedra Stairs). Those stairs pass Henrietta Sold Street and ends at HaHashmona’im Street. Turn left and soon you see Gamla Stairs going down to Sderot Eliyahu Golomb. Turn Left again and after 300 meters, on your right will be Koresh Stairs leading you down to the lower part of Sderot Eliyahu Golomb.  At the east entrance to the Bahai Gardens, on your right, there will be Bonyak Stairs going down along the east side of the Bahai Gardens passing Hillel Street and leading to Puah Street.  Go down Puah Street to Shifra Stairs leading to Abbas Street (on your right will be Sisters of Nazareth School). On Abbas Street turn left and soon on your right will be Ha-Kramim Stairs, which is the last segment, leading to Ha’Gefen Street at the edge of the German Colony