The City of David is located outside the walls of the old city near the Dung Gate . It is where King David made his capital and built his palace.  His son, Solomon, built the first Temple at the top of the hill.

At the site, you can explore on your own or join one of the guided tours (highly recommended for only 60 Nis).  There is a short 3D movie (15 minutes for 10 NIS) that introduces the history of the site.  On top of the movie theatre, there is a look out which gives views over the excavation site, the neighbourhoods of Abu Tor, Silwan and in the distance, East Talpiot.  Following the trail down, you will pass 'area G' which has the 'stepped structure', and Aheil's house, a typical house of the first Temple Period which was destroyed in 586BCE.  From there you enter the Warren's Shaft system and  walk through flowing water in the amazing Hezekiah tunnel .  If you don't want to walk though the water tunnel, a dry Canaanite tunnel runs beside it.  The dry tunnel has electric lighting, takes about 20 minues and is very narrow.  Hezekiah's Tunnel, has no lighting and is uneven in places.  You must be wearing shoes that can get wet, and have flashlights. It takes about 40 minutes to walk through, less time if the water is low. You exit at Siloam's pool.    Be advised that there are a lot of steps going downfrom the top to the bottom of this site but from the bottom you can take a mini-bus back up to where you started from for 5NIS.  At the entrance to the tunnel you can also buy a small flash light for the watter tunnels for 4NIS

In the Visitors Center you can find a small Kiosk, gift shop and toilets. The entrance to the Warren shaft and the water tunnel costs 27NIS

for more infomation you can go into their website  or call them at 02-6268700