The Old City is great fun for the whole family.  You can spend several days and not get through all the sites packed into this tiny area. The Old City is divided into four quarters, each with a unique feel and history.  The Armenian Quarter is the smallest of the quarters and has some interesting museums, shops featuring the distinctive Armenian Pottery, and restaurants.  The Moslem Quarter is alive and crowded with markets and shops and inexpensive but delicious restaurants.  The Christian Quarter has the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in addition to dozens of other churches and historic sites.  The Jewish Quarter has numerous sites many of which are underground, and has the Cardo, an upscale shopping street dating back to Byzantine times.  Don't miss the Western Wall, open to everyone 24 hours a day and the Western Wall Tunnel Tours (reservations required).  Visitors can also visit the Temple Mount which is usually open to non-Moslems Sun-Thurs in the early mornings. Although you can't enter the mosques, it is worth getting a close up view of the Dome of the Rock and the site of the ancient Jewish Temples.  You can also take a walk on the rampart walls of the Old City (great view), starting from David's Citadel Museum at the Jaffa Gate or entering at the Damascus Gate.


 .  har habit and the archilological gardens taken from a view piont in the jewish quarter