Tel Aviv - Israel.

In 2009 Tel Aviv celebrated 100 years since its foundation. Greater Tel Aviv is the largest metropolis in Israel, although Israel's capital, Jerusalem, is larger than municipal Tel Aviv alone.

The city is a melting pot of diverse cultures and artistic styles due to the variety of the origins of its population. Traditional Mid- Eastern customs are mixed with the motifs of modern Western lifestyle. An exhilarating cultural environment, a lively nightlife, a variety of cuisines, a sunny long Mediterranean beach makes the city a nice place to live and an ideal spot for vacationers.

Due to the extensive Bauhaus architecture buildings, Tel Aviv was declared a World Cultural Heritage site by Unesco in 2003. This building style became frequent in the 1930s because the city architects had strong links to the European architectural trends. Simplicity and functionality characterize the Bauhaus building style. The architecture is based on white walls, small windows, balconies, and often built on pillars. Walking along the streets of Tel Aviv, one can see the best samples of this architectural style.

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