Bahrain is an excellent place to visit if one knows where to go and what to do, and the usual guides to the country don't show the hidden gems that make it a special place to visit. For example, one can spend a day exploring the islands, such as Jarada island... Or walking through the narrow streets of Muharraq and discovering the traditional houses that have been converted into art galleries, libraries, and cafes... Or tasting the traditional Bahraini dish "tikka", which consists of small cubes of lamb marinated overnight in spices and roasted lemons... Bahrain is truly a beautiful place to explore.

The best ways to discover all of this and more is to check out these essential guides to Bahrain that will cover everything that is needed to know.


For things to do, see and experience plus accommodation options, check out which has all the info that's mentioned above plus lots of options that are off the beaten path.

Also check out which is the Ministry of Tourism's website and has information that would be helpful for business visitors and those looking to invest in the country.

Also useful is the guide to visas in Bahrain,, which explains what visa one would need and it is possible to even apply online for it, although one may not need to and depending on the nationality might be able to just get a visa instantly at the border... Check out the guides for more info.


Culture Shock! Bahrain

Explorer Bahrain, The Complete Residents' Guide by Explorer Publishing

  • A comprehensive practical guide to the region. It also includes a healthy amount of historical, natural and cultural information.

The Making of the Modern Gulf States, Kuwait, Bahrain, Quatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman by Rosemarie Said Zahlan

The New Atlas of the Arab World by American University in Cairo Press