Manama has some of the best nightlife in the Middle East. Alcohol is legal here, making the city very attractive to those who cannot drink legally in nearby countries such as Saudi Arabia. Manama is also unique in that here, it is not uncommon for men and women to intermingle. Though most women in Manama dress in traditional Islamic garb, Western wear is becoming more and more acceptable and women are beginning to participate in some of the same activities as men.

All of these factors have caused the bar scene in Manama to thrive. It is centered around the hotels, because these are the most modern buildings in the city. The Gulf Hotel ’s Sherlock Holmes pub is typically lively on weekend nights – which, in Bahrain, used to be Thursday and Friday until it was recently officially changed to Friday-Saturday. The best cocktail bar in town is also in the Gulf Hotel. Typhoon can get a little pricy, but the service and the atmosphere is well worth the buck. Trader Vic's in the Ritz Carlton is your best chice for dinner and a drink. It should be your first choice for a romantic dinner out with a loved one especially during the spring and winter months, because you can sit outside overlooking the beach and pool around the terrace. The lighting is spectacular at night. There is also a really good latin band which performs by the bar.  The Manama Tower Hotel is another decent choice, as it has an in-house Hard Rock Café that is usually good for live music several nights a week.

JJ's is the most popular British pub in town, located in Adliya, with the ever famous Karaoke night on Mondays and regular appearences by bands and DJs from the UK.

The Elite Crystal Hotel in Juffair houses the famous Klub 360 (Misspelling is intentional)  where one can enjoy the hits of the hour and after the closing time (2 am everywhere in Bahrain) go upstairs to their after party venue, which is a Club in its own right open till dawn. It gets really crowded during the weekend, but it is still one of the best places to go dancing in Bahrain. Strict dress code applies, so steer clear of t-shirts and sneakers when you're headed to that classy night spot.

 The previous managment of the former Z Club has now moved on to open another venue called Tabu Club in the Panorama Hotel Juffair, right across the street from Elite Crystal Hotel.

The former Cocoon Lounge, famous among the house and techno lovers in Bahrain, transformed itself into an Indian club, often receiving guest DJs from India.