Tehran Bazaar area is absolutely worth visiting, there you can find anything you ever may need: food clothes, shoes, gold, tools, machines - everything.  To see the real life and feel the heat of Tehran this is just the place to go, even if you are not going to buy anything. But you may anyway, because the prices are more than reasonable.

To get to the Bazaar area it is recommended to take the Tehran metro, which is a nice and fast way to travel in Tehran. Unfortunately this is only if the metro station happenes to be on your way. Cost of a Metro ticket is around $0.5 to Metro from anywhere and ask for a ticket to Panzda Khordad. There are 4 lines from allover the city towards the city centre. Take down the station before and listen for announcements and wall electronic display in coaches for next stations. Sometimes packed, so move towards the doors , saying "Bebakhshid" (used to ask for permission to pass) Friendly people.

Taxi might be best to go from the Bazaar to your hotel as you WILL have items with you. Watch out - some drivers see you as foreigners and will charge you a bit extra - ask the price before you get in. $6 to 10 is a fair price to pay.