The land of Iran is one of the oldest inhabited lands on earth. Tehran, although today one of the world's largest cities and the capital of Iran, did not always play a significant role in the history of Iran. This is not to say the city is not ancient. We do have evidence of civilizations existing in this area from as far back as 6000 BC.

Written and formal documentation of the city does not surface until around the 11th century and by  the 13th century it earned more of a place on the map. Problems arising in the city of Rages, not far from Tehran, and which was always bigger and more active than was Tehran, pushed many residents to flee and escape to Tehran.

Later on in the 17th century, Safavid rulers called Tehran their home. Their empire was growing from the Turks and Mongols who turned to ther Persian way of life and thus made part of the Safavids. The city was slowly gaining status and momentum. By the 18th century, Karim Khan Zand had considered making the city capital but the plans didn't fall through. But that all changed in 1795 when finally, the city was deemed the capital of Persia.