Kuwait City is a modern place and has many of the advanced types of shopping centers that can be found in the rest of the developed world. There are shopping malls, grocery stores, toy stores, clothing stores, coffee shops, etc… all of which are frequented by local residents as well as visitors to the city.

Anyone who is visiting Kuwait City and wants to experience the frequent open-air markets, there are plenty that still exist. Because of the modern advancement of Kuwait City , there are many modern types of shopping areas, but some of the largest and most well-known street shopping areas are still popular.

There is an area in Kuwait City called the “Souk” area. This is where just about any specialized item can be found. Some of the streets in this area are covered and some are in the open air, but the streets are lined with shop after shop.  When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, they attempted to destroy this shopping area, but did not succeed.

In addition to the central Souk in Kuwait City , there are several open air markets that take place all over Kuwait on Fridays. Anything and everything can be found for sale at these markets.