What makes Lebanon special from any other country in the Middle East? ITS NIGHTLIFE

Lebanon is known for its wild parties, its ambience, its clubbing, its bars, its women and its men. During the day, one can be in the mountains skiing, in the afternoon at the beach tanning, and at night, at one of the hit night clubs such as Skyebar, Crystal, and Mandaloon. The pubbing scene is concentrated onto one road, Jimeyzeh, where every kind of pub can be found. The next road over called Monot (pronounced Mono) is filled with clubs for every taste. Not only does one party in style, everyone will arrive in style with the latest cars and wearing the latest trends.

The mountains are breathtaking and the landscapes of endless trees are something not to be missed. Old ruins are located all over the country. The locals are friendly and attractive, and everyone can speak three languages: French, English and Arabic. Shopping galore in every little corner ranging from bazaars to boutiques. It is truly a remarkable place! Ideal for a family, a couple or singles. One country fits all.