Beirut has several good museums that you can check out either with friends or family and learn while enjoying yourself. The National Museum, which was founded in 1923, obtains all sorts of information on Lebanon. There are countless rooms that exhibit national pride and honor, and it is easy to see why the Lebanese are such proud people. After visiting that museum, you can head down to the Gibran Museum, which used to be a monastery. This museum is relavitly new, as it opened in 1995, but it is still good. The Nicolas Sursock Museum is a privately owned museum that features many art exhibits several times throughout the year. This is a good place to go if you want to see rare pieces of art, or other pieces that are on display for a short time while making a tour around the region. The prices to get into these museums is not too expensive. Often time, they will be free, but ask for a small donation as you are entering and leaving the buildings. There are other natural attractions in the country as well. Many people just like to go for the atmosphere. It is very nice to sit in a cafe in Beirut and sit and talk for several hours.