MIA Park is beside Museum of Islamic Art on corniche. It's a nice place for an afternoon walk especially in October till April time. The two coffee shops at the end of the park are extraordinary. The scenes amazingly bring you  closer to the beach view and the west bay towersr from a different perspective. All the mixed scenes show how Qatar developed to become a leader in preserving culture (by building the Islamic Art Museum) and promoting for the the future trends (new architecture built towers with magical light designs at night). The small artificial green hills close by the coffee shops would be a nice place to look around and understand the value of this park.

Enjoying tea or coffee is not the only thing. Have a walk close by the corniche of this park. The sea water lake would bring your attention to some sports activities that you can take advantage of it to stretch your muscles. A bike ride would do its purpose too. Kids will have their share too. The park has a special place for kids to jump and play around.

 There are lots of ways to enjoy Qatar and surely MIA Park is one of the best to do it.