Shorter reads regarding staying in Doha focus on snapshotting its brief past, speculating about its future as a possible rival to Dubai, or are geared towards travel for business.  The latter is the most helpful, as Business Traveller’s one page helpsheet unloads beneficial bulletpoints for Qater-goers with either work or pleasure in mind.  

Books on what to do and how to do it in Doha are hard to find, not so much because there are not guides to the Qatar capital, but rather more because the shocking number of treatises and articles on the Doha Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations make for much sifting through WTO trade summary and critique in order to find books of travel tips, at least online.

Since Doha is the tourist to-do of Qatar, a guidebook to the latter suffices for visitors to the former.  Lonely Planet Bahrain, Kuwait & Qatar by Gordon Robinson and Paul Greenway has helpful hints for dining, shopping, budgeting, and getting around in Doha and Arab countries in general.  

The recommended guide book about Qatar is Marhaba Information Guide which is available to buy at most of the supermarkets and petrol stations in Qatar. Priced at QR20, Marhaba covers everything about visiting, working and living in Qatar. From vehicle registration renewals and listings of nurseries to sports activities and dining options, Marhaba makes sure that a visitor/resident receives up-to-date information about the country. Published three times a year, Marhaba is also available as an eBook

Qatar by David Chaddock is more a coffee-table hardcover of photos depicting life, economics, and history in the region.

The Business Traveller’s Handbook by David Chaddock goes about 240 pages further than the aforementioned article in articulating the economic history and prospects of Doha, as well as how to have fun while personally prospering in this Persian Gulf commercial center—advice that transcends its intended target audience.

Picking and choosing from business books and broader Qatar recommendations will ensure a secure, comfortable voyage to the beauty of Doha.