The main town in Punta surrounds the Peninsula. However, there is not much glamour in the main town of Punta, though that is where the buses all drop travelers off and where many of the hostels and budget hotels are. The area is packed with outdoor restaurants, camera stores, banks, all the basic necessities one may need. However, it is it notoriously kitchy with very little character. If travelers are looking for a good restaurant, it is recommended to try down one of the streets off the main avenue, Gorlero Avenue. Instead, this area tends to be the arrival and departure section of the city as well as area to go if a chore needs to be run. The exclusive, illustrious parts of Punta are far from this non-descript tourist town.

From Punta’s center lies one long stretching, curving road that follows the coast of either side of the town. Towards the east are little collections of towns along the road. These towns differ in character but they all have a pristine, beach-town culture. The most popular, hip section of Punta is La Barra. About 30 minutes out side of the center of town, La Barra is a stylish enclave of cute boutiques selling surf gear and CDs, swank clubs and bars and deliciously hip restaurants. Many of the restaurants have outdoor porches, complete with billowing curtains and sleek white sofas, ideal for people-watching in the sun. During the day, the young and beautiful saunter into La Barra in bathing suits for a refreshing drink or some of Argentina’s infamous ice cream.

Jose Ignacio is at the very end of the peninsula in Punta. Some of the most exclusive new properties in Punta are located at Jose Ignacio. In addition, all of Punta gathers here after a day at the beach to watch a breath-taking sunset while dancing to the beat of techno music and drinking clerico and champagne at area restaurants and lounges. Note: Asides from restaurants and exclusive estates, Jose Ignacio is quite barren. It is also one of the more recently developed areas of Punta, since it is isolated and about 40 minutes from La Barra.

On the opposite side of the Peninsula, Punta Ballena has some ideal points for sun-bathing and relaxing overlooking the serene beach.

In between the main town and these beach-town hot sports, the areas of Punta are defined by its beaches. Some