Uruguay has an pretty standard and comfortable climate with mild summers and winters. The weather in Punta is not really so much related to the when to goThe winters can get between the 50s and 60s, especially at night, so it requires locals to wear a sweater. Summer is perfect weather, with low humidity and warm, sunny days.. Punta remains around 70s to 85 during the summer time between December and March (which is opposite from the Northern Hemisphere). The nights can get a little bit cooler but generally, it is very comfortable.

That being said, the town is quiet essentially throughout the year, except between the summer months. Suddenly in December, every one opens up their shutters and crowds stream in from all over South America (but predominantly Buenos Aires) to revel, tan and party through all hours of the day. For a tourist, this type of energy is a sight to see, so if travelers are planning on visiting Punta Del Este, do not plan anytime before December or after March. In fact, the New Years celebration in Punta Del Este is infamous, with beautiful fireworks soaring high over the beaches. If possible, travelers should try to stay in Punta during the first of the year in order to see enjoy the opening of the new year in class and festivity.