As Asunción has only recently begun developing into a proper metropolis, there are many infrastructure problems to watch out for in the city. The airport is not too reliable and neither are the runways, so expect some bumpy rides. Also, the streets of Asunción are not particularly good (and they get worse outside the city), so if you rent a car, make sure it’s a very sturdy one that can handle flooded streets, which sometimes happens after heavy summer rains (in January), when sewers overflow onto streets at lower elevations. Even without the water, there are many potholes in the roads and sometimes even streets within the city are not paved.

Paraguayan drivers are very aggressive and sometimes reckless; traffic laws are frequently and flagrantly disobeyed and right-of-way is granted by size of vehicle, with buses and trucks often running red lights or crowding out other automobiles. Pedestrians and bicyclists should be very careful on the streets and remember to yield not only to cars, but also to the large number of motorbikes that often weave traffic.

There is, of course, also a large amount of petty theft and other crimes on the streets of Asunción, and this has only been getting worse recently. Citizens of the United States should be especially careful, as popular opinion is highly anti-American, and protests or public demonstrations in the streets are frequent.