Domburg, a small Suriname town, some 12 miles south of Paramaribo is known to Suriname people for its tiny old market square with its huge mahogany trees, on the Suriname river. Wooden fruit stalls, Rita's warung that serves delicious Indonesian dishes with a cold beer. In the weekends local and Paramaribo people and sailors gather here for a warm snack and for the cool breeze coming across the river.But few tourists know that around Domburg lay a Dutch colonial plantation, La    Rencontre. The countless narrow canals are still there but the impressive rainforest has covered what was left of the plantation. And this is the second attraction of Domburg: miles and miles of walking trails amidst the majestic trees and plants and flowers of the unconquerable dense jungle, colourfull birds everywhere, monkeys and iguanas, beautiful lotuses flower in the former canals. Heaven for ornithologists would be to spend a few nights in the small, luxurious nature resort Surinat, in the middle of the tranquillity of this garden of Eden (birding enthusiasts have counted more than 100 kinds of birds in the resort). And all this so close to Paramaribo.