The Solomon Islands are not known for shopping opportunities, however there are  some interesting and nice quality products to purchase for gifts etc. The large Honiara market is essentially food and local produce oriented, but there are also stalls selling inexpensive hand made shell, coral and tortoise shell jewellery, hand dyed and printed cotton sarongs in stunning colours for SD25, shells, coconut oil - scented or natural and river stone, shell and wooden carvings. Honiara also has some nice little stores that sell the usual tourist products including more commercial sarongs and an abundance of TShirts etc.

More upmarket high quality hand woven utility baskets, hand carved wooden bowls with shell inlay and "Bokolo" which is ancient shell money which was intricately carved from clam shells and now is sold as collectors items/art, box mounted and framed. These can be found at BJS Melanesian Gallery which is next to the Lime Lounge. Look out for the intricately and skillfully woven Buka baskets made from jungle vine which can be custom ordered.

Hand made organic coconut oil based soap is also available from various cafes and stores around town. Travellers looking for cheap clothing may also enjoy shopping at the Bale Clothing outlets that sell 2nd hand clothing from the 1st world. Expats regularly frequent these stores to hunt for popular designer label clothes at a couple of dollars per item.