There is a plentiful amount of taxis in this city, making this form of transport one of the most convenient. These taxis are government-run and are colored blue body, with a distinct red stripe. Most of the taxis will also have red number plates.Travelers should keep in mind that there are no meters or set fares for these cab rides; therefore it is required to bargain or arrange the price ahead of time (at least if one wants to avoid extremely high charges). In addition, a more ‘festive’ form of travel is via a rickshaw. These rickshaws are located all over the city as well, but may not be the safest form of transportation. However, Rickshaws are the most inexpensive form of transport so one or two forays on these vehicles can be fun and entertaining.

To get to destinations outside of the city limits, there are several options for transport. For instance, there are local trains for traveling to suburbs outside of the city. In addition, there are triple-deck catamarans and motor launches that can travel by river to other locations nearby. These boats depart every half hour from the local jetty to Syriam town. Hotels and tourist organizations will be able to provide travelers advice on where to head out to and what to see.