Companies with Interactive Websites Only

This is an ALPHABETICAL list and is made up of Company’s websites which have helped many T.A. members and D.E.s and have been mentioned on the forums

There isn't a reliable independent source that can judge the quality of their service. It is strongly recommended searching the forum for their names and checking the user(s) who supposedly dealt with them. When doing that, please beware that some of these reviews were added by users who joined the forum for a brief while, posted their reviews and never posted again. You can check each user's posting history by clicking on their user name. So, overall, you are provided with the following list and it is left  to you to use your own logic in judging the credibility of recommendations you come across. Even if a company is not on this list you can still check it. The best way to do this is by putting the name of the company in the search box at the top right-hand side of any forum page and then click on SEARCH. This will bring up the reviews if any and any mentions on the forum.

The main thing is that all TA members can add anything to the article that they think might help a fellow member. Just keep it in mind that it must be in ALPHABETICAL ORDER, else it will be removed. Only the company name and website should be shown – This page is designed to be slim - and must lead to an interactive website, not just a one page contact page or blog

This is just the start of the list so please help by adding more. At a later date it may get broken down into areas and/or categories if it gets long enough.


Abercrombie and Kent          

Adel & Mona Lisa Private Tour

All the Sound and Light Shows  

Ancient World Tours.            

Aswan Individual                   


Australian Foreign Affairs Dep't

Bailey Robinson                    


BESE Tours                             

Blue Cabs                              

Cairo Airport                          

Cairo Airport Shuttle Bus     

Continental Tours                

Cox and Kings                      

Djed Egypt Travel                 


Egypt Tours and Travel       

Egypt Travel Gate                 

Egypt Traveluxe                    

Egypt Guide 4 Tours.            



Egyptian Consul UK               

Egyptian Monuments            

Egyptian Travel Agent Association

Elmensajero Tours Egypt       

First Choice                             

Flats in Luxor                          

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Freelancers Travel                  

Future Group Travel              

GATE1 Travel                        

Glory of Nubia                       

Golden Egypt Tours            

Egyptology info and tours  


Kemet Travel                         

Karnak (Part of Egyptair)     

Kensington Tours                 


Lady Egypt                             


Love Egypt Tours                 

Memphis Tours Egypt         

Petra Travel                          

Real Life Egypt                   

Royal Egypt                         


Spirit of the Nile Tours        

Thomas Cook                     


Tour Egypt                           

Tut Travels Private Tours 

Train Travel in Egypt          

Voyage Jules Verne          

Wedjat Tours                      

Where is Egypt?                

Your Egypt Tours