If you are a vegetarian in Egypt , you shouldn't worry at all. Although there are vegetarian restaurants in some places. Even if you don't know them, you can still find the alternative. if you go to any Egyptian or Lebanese restaurant, you should find many vegetarian options on the Middle Eastern menus. Foul (cooked smashed beans) with all its kinds (with olives, butter, Hummus or whatever you choose), Ta’ameya (Falafel) and Besara are all popular Egyptian dishes that have no meat or fish component. Whether you have them on plates or in take away fast sandwiches (except Besara, it couldn’t go in sandwiches), they can easily make a filling meal. Add to them the different kinds of oriental appetizers (known as mezas), all of those are meat-free dishes and with bread they can also make a filling meal. There is also the Egyptian popular dish of Koshary (a mixture of macaroni, lintel and rice with optional onions and/or hot sauce). Other vegetarian options available in Middle Eastern restaurants include stuffed vine leaves and cooked eggplant (mesaqa’aa in Arabic, the Egyptian version of the Greek Mozaka, but you may ask for it without minced meat that is sometimes added to it). If you find a restaurant that claims Egyptian house cooking (there is one in Cairo called El-Tekkeyap), look for Molekheya, a green thick staple made by cooking a certain kind of leaves with garlic and fat) served with white rice. All of these are available in addition to many Italian pizza joints, a growing number of chinese eateries and shops that sell Egyptian pies (Feteer), which serve either sweet pies with sugar, honey and/or jam in addition to ones with different kinds of cheese, vegetables (olives, tomatoes and/or green pepper) or a mixture of any of the above. You would also find wide selections of salads in almost all eating places and fruits are widely available in markets.


All in all, don’t worry, you won’t find any problem as far as your food is concerned whether you choose mainstream international food or you try to sample local stuff.