The best way to do shopping in the Nile River Valley region is to get out and amongst the local people who are selling items in the streets.   There are open air street markets (called souks) located all throughout the area.   In the souks, numerous people gather together to bargain over the sale of food products and local handicrafts.   The atmosphere is one of lively, bustling activity and the experience provides insight in to the modern culture of the area while giving travelers the sense that they have traveled back in time.   The souks are not only the best shopping experience but also the best way to get good deals on quality items in the area.   Both Luxor and Aswan have souks; see for more information.

Travelers who are interested in knowing which items to buy in the area should be aware that papyrus paper and alabaster souvenirs are among the most commonly bought items in the area.   Papyrus may be sold as stationary or as the background to pictures and paintings.   Alabaster is generally shaped in to vases and other pottery.   Information on where to go to purchase these items, other than in the souks, can be learned at .