Although the area where the city of Aswan is found today has been inhabited for thousands of years, the recorded history of the city begins in ancient times when the city of Swan was built.  The city of Swan was the first city built on the current land of Aswan, and over the centuries it has changed much. 

            The city of Swan for a long time was considered by the Egyptians to be the edge of the world, and it played the role of a frontier city in the country.  Swan eventually became a center for marketplace trade of various goods including animal skins, ivory, gold, silver, and even slaves. 

            During the early 16th century, Swan was the last of the Egyptian areas to be converted to the Christian faith.  Once and for all rejecting the Islamic roots in which it was exposed, the city changed its name to Aswan.

            By the early 1900’s, Aswan had become a popular resort destination for many of Europe’s most wealthy citizens.  The allure of a desert paradise with warm, dry heat, therapeutic sands, and luxurious hotels brought them in by the hundreds. 

            Today, the economy of Aswan continues to generate a good amount of revenue from tourism.