Throughout the year, visitors to Aswan, Egypt have a number of opportunities to experience various unique festivals and events, some of which take place in the city, while others throughout the rest of the country. 

            The Miracle of the Sun festival that is held twice a year at Abu Simbel, celebrates two things: King Ramses II and the miracle of the sun.  This is perhaps the most popular festivals in Aswan, and in recent years has begun to grow, attracting more people every passing season.  During these two nights every year, people gather outside of the temple and celebrate with an elaborate mixture of song and dance.  The celebration lasts until the early morning, when the sun strikes the statue in the sanctuary.

            The International Symposium of Sculpture comes through the city of Aswan every year, and has been attracting spectators and sculptors from around the world for over a decade.   The creations that come out of this symposium can all be seen on display in the city’s open air museum, which sits atop a hill and overlooks Lake Nasser (created by the city’s High Dam). 

            For more information about things happening throughout the year around the country, check out this Egyptian Festival Calendar.