This guide has been written using information from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office ‘Checklist for Travellers’ and adapted for holidaymakers travelling to Luxor.

Before You Travel

For up-to-date travel advice and tips, check out your local Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.  For the UK see www.fco.gov.uk/travel

Check out  the Top Questions about Luxor Section which you will find on the right hand side of the forum page.

Obtain a guidebook and find out about your destination, find out about local laws and customs and follow them while in the country.  Click on this link to see the dress code guide:   Dress Codes

Let family and friends know where you are going and leave them copies of your contact details, itinerary etc. and/or store them online using a secure date storage site (or ask your friends/family to store them for you)

For UK passengers you can register with the FCO’s LOCATE service via the FCO website.  Entering details of your trip plus family and friend contact details will help the FCO to locate you in the event of a crisis and inform next of kin of your whereabouts


Be sure that you obtain adequate and comprehensive travel insurance and check that it covers all the activities that you plan to take part in, such as quad biking and trips in hot air balloons.  See under the Top Questions about Luxor Section and click on the topic ‘Travel Insurance’

Plan to Stay Healthy

Check what vaccinations you need with your GP or Practice Nurse.  There are only recommended vaccinations for Luxor – none are compulsory.  Click on this link with regards to what inoculations are recommended:  Vaccinations  You do not need to take malaria tablets.

Pack any medication you require in your hand luggage.  If you are taking prescribed medication, take a copy of the prescription with you and check to see if you will need to take a doctor’s letter with you.

Also check out the article regarding falling ill with a stomach bug, which you will find under the Top Questions about Luxor Section:   Avoiding Upset Stomachs


Passports and Visas

Check that your passport will be valid for a minimum of six months on your return date.  Make sure it is in good condition and make a note of its number, date and place of issue and keep this separate from your passport.  Make a photocopy of your passport and leave it with family/friends.

You need a visa to travel to Egypt.  You can purchase this before you travel via the Egyptian Consulate in London or you can purchase it on arrival at Luxor Airport by going to the bank booths on the left side of the airport as you enter.  If you do wish to purchase your visa before you travel you either need to attend at the Egyptian Consulate in person or do this by post.  The link to the page re visas is http://www.egyptianconsulate.co.uk/vi...  This is the link to the form that you can download in order to do your visa application by post http://www.egyptianconsulate.co.uk/fo...   You can either download it and print it off then fill it in by writing in the details, or you can download it and actually type in your details before printing it off.  You cannot use cheques or currency to purchase your visa by post from the Consulate, only Postal Orders, and it will cost you more at the end of the day as you really should use registered/recorded postal services, which the applicant has to pay for, to and from the Consulate.  You also need to supply passport size photographs in order to purchase your visa by post.  To buy your visa in Luxor, take your passport to the bank booths where you can purchase your visa by using either Sterling or American Dollars (official price is $15). You can pay in any currency but NOT Egyptian LE, therefore the day-to-day price can and will change slightly depending on exchange rates at the time.  You normally get your change in Egyptian LE - it is important to check your change after the transaction takes place!!  

No photo is required when buying the Visa on arrival - the visa is a self-adhesive 'label' that is stuck onto a passport page. Below is an example - it is then overstamped by Customs/immigration. Note the price at bottom right corner. The serial number has been 'doctored' to protect the guilty

Your Visa looks like this

To show the difference between the two Visas, the one below is what you receive in your passport if you buy your Visa before travelling


Do not be bullied by the travel reps who will try to usher you to the right hand side of the airport where they will sell you a visa for an inflated price.

Illegal Substances

Avoid any involvement with illegal substances - Penalties for drug dealing and smuggling are harsh, and possession of drugs can land you in jail

Do not carry parcels or luggage or any others items through Customs for other people


Make sure you have enough money to cover any emergencies

If you are taking Travellers Cheques, keep a record of their numbers in a separate place.  Make sure you know how to replace these items if they get lost.  The same comments apply to credit cards that you take with you.

If travelling from the UK, you are best to take Sterling with you (English notes only) and make sure these are all in good condition with no small nicks or rips in them.  You will get a better rate of exchange buying your Egyptian currency when you get to Luxor.  See this article re currency  Egyptian Currency and this one re tipping:   General Notes on Tipping

While in Luxor

Although Luxor is a very safe place, only carry as much money as you need for the day and leave the rest in your hotel safe or safety deposit box (most hotel rooms will have a safe).  The same can be said for credit cards.  If you have more than one with you, don’t carry them all with you at the one time.

If you do need to carry a lot of money with you, ask your travelling companion to carry some of it for you or you can use a money belt or secure inside pocket.

If your money, passport, credit cards or anything else does get stolen, report it at once to the local Police and obtain proof of this as you will need it to claim against your insurance.  You will need to also cancel any cards or travellers cheques of they do get stolen, so make sure you know the numbers to phone to enable you to do this.  If on a package holiday, your tour rep should be able to help out if you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation.