This is being written for the UK tourist - other nationalities may have different insurances etc.

 It is intended to be a generic article. Any attempts to advertise any one company will be removed


 A Felucca Ride On The Nile

This maybe the only time you will feel a breeze on your face in Luxor.

Before you go to Luxor.

First check your own insurance policy or phone them (As some class this as a hazardous sport) and you may have to pay extra.

When the Egyptians companies say they are insured it's for Egypt only. You are unlikely to be offered an air-ambulance to get you home in the event of any problem.

Sunset on the Nile 


Local Tour Companies

Walk to the Old Winter Palace then cross over and go down to the Lower Corniche The feluccas moor there. You will not need to ask. You will be offered one anyway.

Some Hotels have their own.

A good practice is to check out the Tour Companies then take the walk and ask the Captains on the Lower Corniche.

Make sure there is a 'good wind' otherwise the felluca may not travel far, and may have  be towed by a motor boat, or your captain may end up rowing you back to the felluca station. 

Just make sure you are asking

What currency are they talking about LE or $ or £’s?

Is the price per person or for the group?

How long will the trip be?


These change every year, never mind who you are asking or what your haggling abilities are. So put questions like “what is the going rate?” and anything else not covered in this article on the Luxor Forum near your time of travel