An interest in the First Intermediate Period is needed to get much from a visit here. The main point of interest seems to be the mis-shapen rock pillars

As you arrive 

The first picture shows you what you are looking for on your left on the road from Luxor to Aswan

 General view inside one of the better tombs After a few draughts of local beer??

 Wall Detail This one is at least 'vertical'


 The state of one of the other tombs View as we left  gives fuller details about the sites

In reponse to topics about 'drivers not being sure where it is', this Google Earth Image has been doctored

GE says the village is called Nagaa al Masaid

GE view with edits 

Unable to stop the TA system shrinking the pic from it's original size. The panels say Luxor-Edfu Road/13th Bridge on left from Luxor/Rail Halt/Nagaa Al masaid/and at the top el Moalla

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