Take a walking tour of Kibera, the largest slum in East Africa and the "friendliest slum in the world"! It truly is a city of hope, as you will discover firsthand from the wonderfully friendly and knowledgeable guides, Freddie, Frankie and Martin, who were all born and raised in the slum. These enterprising fellows only recently started running these tours, but you wouldn't know it - they are very professional (in a relaxed way) and well organized. An extra security person comes along for the tour as well, but it hardly feels necessary - the residents of the slum and members of the projects visited are friendly and welcoming and seem genuinely happy to have visitors show interest in their lives and livelihoods. On the tour you will visit an orphanage/school, a bead factory where bones from the butcher are turned into beautiful jewellery, a women's cooperative, a biogas center where even human waste is not wasted, and a typical Kibera-home. The proceeds from the tour support the projects as well as providing local employment for residents, helping to improve the lives of the people of Kibera. For more information, visit www.kiberatours.com.