Kenya National Museum - Nairobi

    This is the place to learn about many different aspects of Kenya, from the native flora and fauna to the country's native ethnic groups. An extensive collection of preserved animals is on display, containing most of Kenya's native species that have been stuffed and mounted. A wide variety of artifacts from the country's native tribes is also exhibited. Dress, ornaments and ceremonial masks help to explain the different cultures' unique way of life. One gallery is devoted entirely to Swahili culture and includes pottery, brassware, carpets and other artifacts, along with a replica of a nineteenth-century swahili kitchen. Other sections of the museum are devoted to geology and space, and a collection of contemporary art focusing on East African artists.

Snake Park

    Adjoining the museum is an outdoor Snake Park that is really a park containing all manner of reptiles, including over a hundred snakes, tortoises, lizards and crocodiles. Snakes account for perhaps the largest number and widest variety of representatives, with cobras, vipers, mambas and other snakes on display.

    Visitors have described both attractions as being "stuffy" and "scruffy," so be aware that the museums are perhaps not up to the standards of other international-grade museums, but should still delight and entertain.


   For non-native residents, admission to the Museum or Snake Park is KES 800. You can also buy a combination Museum and Snake Park pass for KES 1200. For children between the ages of 3 and 16, admission is half-price.