What to take?

Food is the Number One priority for any home.

Schools need books, exercise books, pens, pencils, rulers, geometry sets, footballs, games equipment.

Enough basic foodstuff, Ugali, wheatflour, Oil, spread, bread, toilet rolls, disinfectant, cleaning items and washing up powder can be bought for around 3,000-5,000 Ksh to last for roughly one to two weeks depending on how much is placed on the children's plates and how many HIV+ children there are, as they need more nourishment.

Fruit and vegetables are cheap and plentiful and very much appreciated.

Toiletries and sanitary items are welcomed. Sanitary items are cheap to buy on the coast and to take out and could save time for the girls' who are busy with education and other activities..


WhIie the children do not need sweets, cakes, squash or biscuits - orphanage leaders will take charge and give out as treats when appropriate. 

Bring from home: Very much needed and might be found at home or at friends places or work colleagues are clothes and shoes. Age range between baby age and teenagers up to 17 or so.  Football socks,strips and new underwear as socks for girls and boys of all ages are welcomed as well.

Educational books are very well welcomed as are educational toys plus soft toys for the younger children.

To buy here: Anything listed above can be brought here at whole salers or supermarkets. Usually to buy in bulk is much cheaper than pack by pack.  Sample: 50kg rice is about Kes 3100/= equal to about € 30.-, Obviously if raising money for the orphanage then through the just giving account can be put into the account and these items can be bought with the money raised.

Where are the schools / homes?

Mombasa North Coast

Several schools / homes are within easy reach of the North Coast Hotels.

The Wa Salama is between the city of Mombasa and Moi International Airport. Its about a 20 - 30 minutes drive from the north coast hotels.  Most needed are clothes and shoes but also hygienic articles and food. The home takes care of about 45 - 50 Orphan. Peponi Divers Mombasa are collecting and taking goods brought from their diving (and non diving) clients there.

 Class room at  Wa Salama     Lunch at Wa Salama

A pick up full of good donated by scuba divers at Wa Salama.     A happy boy with his new toy at Wa Salama

The Mikoroshoni School at Shanzu

The Lioness Cubs Home  located  at Kikambala  This is a small  rented home  for  15 abused HiV and  abandoned street children with NO hotel or major funding  - no administration fees are  deducted at any time for personal travel/accomodation -  sadly  FREE  transport is not available   there is a lady  taxi driver  Monicah  who only charges a small  fare.

The Kikambala Children's Home / Nursery School  

The Good Life Orphanage  is just outside Mtwapa, opposite Zion Clinic on the main Mombasa to Malindi Road, is a sign to the left, follow the signs for about 3km . All the children have come from the Children's Department and are orphaned / abandoned. At the moment there are 44 children, and with the completion of the final two houses there are places for up to 60 children. There is a custom built house for volunteers, who can stay on-site and help children, and all funds donated to TGLO go on the project - the charity does not take any admin fees at any stage, meaning 100% of all donations go directly on orphanage running costs.

The Feeding Station, Kikambla, every Sunday afternoon, the local Hindu community find donors to pay the £800 each week to feed up to 2,500 destitute children from the surrounding area. They organise the cooking and with the help of kind volunteers carry out this feeding programme each week with military precision. Various TA members who are connected with the above schools go along to assist in any way that they can, along with other tourists, handing out the food, sorting the drinks and making sure each child has their much needed bag of maize flour and a banana. this is what it is all about charities uniting to help the less fortunate.

Mombasa South Coast 

The Shikamana School  for Orphans and Disadvantaged Children at Diani. For anyone considering visiting a school or orphanage in the Diani area, this is a wonderful place to visit. and is well run with the assistance of an agency who act for an American Benefactor.  Take gifts of clothes and school equipment.  The children truly enjoy visitors. 

Footprints is an orphanage out in the Shimba Hills near Diani. Footprints

is a registered UK charity and is a registered Charitable Institution in Kenya.

Footprints is also registered with the Kenyan Children's Department and the Kenya Education Department - the Kenyan authorities hold Footprints up as a model of how they would wish all Children's Homes should be run. !

 The Footprints Mission Statement is  '..to create a home that can give love, understanding, security, happiness & hope for the future.'  They now care for 21 children and are an integral part of the local community.

The orphanage is now an academy/orphanage with 65 more children joining classes from the villages for private tuition. (6 private tutors).




The Hermann Nursery & Primary School is in the village of Mwakamba which lies immediately behind the coastal road between the Southern Palms Hotel and the Congo River. It was built in 2005 and caters for orphans in the area.

The Tumaini Timbwani School in Likoni is an amazing project started by an English couple, Glyn & Jane from Doncaster. 8 years ago they gave up their lives in Doncaster, England to start the project. They now provide schooling from pre school right through to high school, for up to 600 children per day. They also feed the children! Their monthly food bill alone comes to £2,000!


Education for Life’s Registered Kenya Address:

PO Box 96062, Likoni 80110, Mombasa, Kenya Tel. +254 41 201 4002

email: mombasa@educationforlife.net

Anybody wanting to appeal for funding or support for schools or orphanages can do so  by using the TripAdvisor Causes Forum

Little Angels Academy 

This is a school set in the midst of the Likoni remort vyemani area near the honarable Mp. Masoud Mwahima's Home.Lipi Adventure company is supporting this school and it was set specifically for the poor, HIV childrens and the orphans.

The running of this school is by the clients visiting East Africa through lipi Adventure company who supports them in a way or another and also welwishers who are willing to support that category of children betwen 2 and 12years Little Angels Academy Volunteers are highly welcome