Yangshuo is a small city in Guilin region and it has 2000 years of history. It is surrounded by the famous Li River and it is accessible by boat or bus. Yangshuo  have been the preferred tourist destination for it has good atmosphere.

When in Yangshuo, you will find yourself in rural villages where you will be watching buffalos taking birth. Also you will see some villagers drying their produce on the ground. You can get the tour guide at hotels to take you around the Yangshuo town. When in Yangshuo, it is advisable to visit and see the famous tourist destination for your good memories of the city.

When in Yangshuo, you can see the famous Li River. This river is the most beautiful things to see while in china. The river runs straight Through Yangshuo. Beside the river, there are nice places for picnic and also swimming. You can also practice swimming as well as swimming in shallow water. The other famous things to see are Karst peaks. At this peaks, there are caves that you can visit and enjoy the cool atmosphere. These peaks are very easy to climb at it takes like 30 minutes to climb them. Its formation makes it be more attractive and famous.

When in Yangshuo, you can do some shopping by visiting the local market. Market foods are well known in the town. The daytime market is located near bus station and there you will find everything found in Guilin. The selling things are such as fresh vegetables, fish and many more. The night food markets do change now and then, so it is advisable to ask for its location from the hotel. The market is full of good smell of vegetable and meat which are cooked there. You can enjoy variety of delicious food such as snake meat.

Things to do when in Yangshuo

Impression of the Sanjie Liu Impression of the Sanjie Liu is one big performance in the outdoor scene as well as directed by popular director, named Zhang Yimou who directed opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Game 2008.

Western Street Lots of tourists visit the city of Yangshuo for unique Western Street that is as popular as Wangfujing Street of Beijing, Wall Street of New York as well as Downing Street of London. Any time, you will see the foreigners walking all along the street. Here restaurants, bars, and hotels are distinctive and filled with exotic atmosphere.

Xingping Ancient Town Xingping Ancient town is famed for beautiful mountains & rivers and is the ancient town with the long history.

Yulonghe River At Yulonghe Scenic Area, you will see natural scenes like clean river without any pollution, barking dogs and crowing fowls and kids saying hello. Ways to travel at the scenic area is by foot, bike or taking the raft. Mud Bath Taking the mud bath will let you relieve all your tiredness. Americans who visited here once called the mud bath as natural baptism, and British people said taking mud bath actually means falling in an oriental embrace.

In summary, Yangshuo is a good place for tourists to see the landscape of Guilin and a friendly place for family travelers.