Tourists Traps in Beijing:

Just like any other city, there are tourist  shopping trips that your tour guide will bring you to.Beware of some of these since tendency is to overcharge. Some examples are:

  1. Silk factory
  2. Tea Factory
  3. Jade Factory
  4. ENamelware factory

Other tourist traps:

  • Chinese Medical Centre. The simple foot massage your guide said would costs 20 yuan would  turn out to be a medical centre were you will be forced to buy chinese medicines. Goods may be confiscated by customs.
  • Girls who will talk to you to practice English (refer to images below). They get very friendly, one appeared as a medical student and one as a teacher. They will take you to tea/cofee where the final bill have to be paid by you. Be careful as you can end up paying thousands of dollars.
  • Beware of a scam at The Fordidden city, Beijing. A caligraphy artist who claims to be the nephew of the last emperor creates an artwork using your name, then claims that it has been made specially for you and that you now owe $1100 (Aust). Once they have the hotel adddress, several men turn up demanding another $700 for a second piece of art the you have "commissioned" and threatening police action and jail. They are extremely intimidating and there are several of these "nephews". Don't give them your name or the time of day!


The doctor where we paid $2000 worth of herbal medicinesEnglish practice scam