Bowen Road

Bowen Road, located on the mountain side above the Wanchai District, is the best place to go for a jog or run in Hong Kong. Very popular on weekends, its closed to traffic and equipped with toilets for comfort. The road would be narrow for vehicles, but is completely adequate for joggers and pedestrians. Joggers share the road with walkers, dog walkers, and t'ai chi ch'uan practitioners.

The trail is officially 1.5 km long, but an extra 1 km or so is added with the access road from Magazine Gap Road.  The trail is also equipped with outdoor fitness equipment, benches, and toilets in three small road side parks. 

Although Bowen Road is built into the side of the mountain, the course if essentially flat, as the road runs parallel to the ground, rather than up and down the mountain. 

Access is easy from locations on Hong Kong island, and a short MRT or ferry ride from Kowloon.  The road starts at the intersection of Magazine Gap Road, where the entrance is not clearly marked, although all taxi drivers are aware. The first kilometer or so is a public road used for access to some residential condo buildings. The road soon turns into a fitness trail, closed to vehicles. The most convenient access by public transit is at the intersection of Stubbs Road, Tai Hang Road and Wong Nai Chung Gap Road, where the No. 15 bus from Central stops.  Bowen Road is the safest and most convenient place for outdoor fitness in Hong Kong.

Bowen Road also hosts Lover's Rock, a local spot to wish for romantic good luck.  

Extension Run From Bowen Road

Its possible to run from the terminus of Bowen Road at the Stubbs Road intersection, up Stubbs Road to the Stubbs Road Lookout. A nice view and public toilet awaits at the lookout.

Alternative Run from Victoria Peak

One other alternative is to take the No. 15 bus (or other transport) to Victoria Peak and run down to Central via Stubbs Road and Bowen Road. Its all downhill, although the run along Bowen Road is flat from Wanchai until the intersection with Magazine Gap Road, then steep downhill again to the Public Gardens.

Runners should use extreme caution as sidewalks are not available in many locations and traffic can be heavy in the late morning and afternoon. In the early morning traffic is light. Also, the peak can be foggy, which presents a visibility hazard. 

The Victoria Peak run rewards runners with spectacular views of Aberdeen on one side of the Hong Kong island, and the skyline along the opposite side of the island. 

Alternative Hill Run Challenge

The Wan Chai Green Trail (Wan Chai Gap Road) runs vertical uphill from Queen's Road East (Environmental Resources Centre) to near the Police Museum on upper Stubbs Road. About 1.5 km in length, its a 150 meter elevation change on a steep gradient paved trail.  A bum buster. 

Other Hazards

On Stubbs Road and Peak Road runners should use extreme caution regarding traffic. 

Air pollution can be very bad on occasion and unhealthy.


Bowen Road Fitness Trail 

Guide map sign to the Bowen Road fitness trail


Bowen Road

Bowen Road


Buddha on Bowen Road 

Buddha watches over runners and walkers on Bowen Road


Toilet Facilities

Public toilets available and clean


Fitness Stations

Fitness equipment along the road



Small waterfall, part of civil water drainage works along the trail


Wanchai Side Entrance

End of the trail on the Wanchai side


Stubbs Road Lookout

The View from Stubbs Road Lookout

Bonus view from Stubbs Road Lookout


Share the Road 

 Need to use extreme caution on public roads


The Peak

Bus Stop at Exchange Square (No. 15)

Public bus direct to The Peak. Only HK$9.80


View of Aberdeen 

View of Aberdeen from Peak Road while jogging. 


Wan Chai Green Trail 

Entrance to Wan Chain Green Trail (steep hill trail) near the Police Museum