The Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade is the long stretch of waterside enjoyment for locals and visitors alike.  There is much activity here and most vistiors to Hong Kong end up spending time here at least once during their holiday. 

This is where you can catch sight of the world famous Hong Kong Skyline and Victoria Harbour, and where you can board and ride the historic and iconic Star Ferry.  The historic Clock Tower, several museums and Bruce Lee Statue can be found along a small and popular stretch of the TST Promenade called the Avenue of Stars.  This is also where the nightly Symphony of LIghts Programme can best be seen and heard.  

The promenade is open during all hours and is one of the best spots to skyline and harbour views.  There are three times of the day that it is recommneded to visit the TST Promenade for the views.

First thing in the morning, before the crowds arrive, you can have the entire waterfront to yourself. This is a peaceful time and the best chance you will have for uninterrupted photographs of the Hong Kong Skyline, Bruce Lee statue and other figures lining the Avenue of Stars section of the promenade as well as pictures of yourself without other tourists finding their way into the camera frame. Then, as the sun begins to rise and the large tour groups begin to arrive, the promenade becomes engulfed with people, making the area less enjoyable. 

Next, many like to visit in the mid-late afternoon as the sun begin to recline to the west. When sky conditions are good, this is when you can sometimes see the Hong Kong Skyline against the rich green peaks of Hong Kong Island and the deep blue sky over Hong Kong Island, making the very best of photographic opportunities. It is lovely to see the Hong Kong Skyline on days like these. However, if air quality is poor or if it is raining, this is no longer a great tie to visit as the views are not great yet the crowds can still be quite heavy.

Finally, night visits to the promenade are always recommendable. Regardless of the air quality, being on the promenade after dark provides you the opportunity to see the Hong Kong Skyline, illuminating Victoria Harbour. While the crowds are usually quite heavy, particularly around 8pm when the Symphony of lights show begins, you can usually find a nice spot to set-up a tripod and take pictures of the Hong Kong Skyline. A slow walk up the promenade after dark is truly a memorable experience many visitors take home from their trip to Hong Kong.