(Note:  The following article is a compilation of information collected and provided by TA members in an effort to assist visitors with a disability).

Last update: September 1, 2013

Public Transportation

Cityflyer bus operated by Citybus:

Low floor entrance and exit with wheelchair accessible ramp available for physically-impaired passengers. Also equipped with other features for passengers with disabilities.


Airport Express including other MTR lines:

Public lifts or Stair Lifts for wheelchair are available at most stations but may be limited to certain specific Exit/Entrance. The trains and stations are also installed with other feature for travellers with disabilities. For further information, go to:


The following is a PDF booklet provided by MTR on information about "Caring for Our Customers With Special Needs":


Kowloon Motor Bus (“KMB”):

Most buses operated by KMB are equipped with “super low floor” or wheelchair ramp and positions onboard. Buses are also equipped with other features for travellers with disabilities. For further information, go to:


KMB routes serviced by wheelchair accessible buses:


Citybus and New World First Bus:



No charge to carry wheelchair and crutches belonging to passenger with a disability.

Tramways ("Ding Ding Tram"):

Home page:  http://www.hktramways.com/en/index.html

Unfortunately, wheelchair accessibility is not possible.

Star Ferry:

No specific information available on the web site but a fare discount is offered to those with a “Registration Card for people with disabilities”.


Special Transportation Arrangements

Rehab Bus:

A rehab bus is operated by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. For further information, go to:


Airport Concierge Service (A paid service):

Airport Concierge Service is offered through Worldwide Flight Services at Hong Kong International Airport to assist arriving and departing passengers, particularly those with disabilities.

Further information at this link and bookable in advance over the Internet:


Diamond Cab:

This taxi company offers specialised transportation services for those using wheelchairs. 



Other Related Matters

Special Certificate:

A person with disability can apply for the Certificate for Picking Up and Setting Down of Passengers with Disabilities in Restricted Zone from a rehabilitation organisation or an elderly community service centre. The Certificate allows a passenger with disability to board and alight from a taxi, private car, private light bus or private bus in restricted zones except expressway and 24 hours restricted zones, provided that no hazard or disruption is caused to other road users. Please contact the Hong Kong Council of Social Service at +852 2864 2929 for details. Not sure if this Certificate is issued to temporary visitors but no harm to apply.

It is a local ID card. Here's the link to download an application form:


Visually Impaired Travellers:

Most road crossings are equipped with audible and tactile units for those who are visually impaired. Some tactile units have push button to “send a signal” to the nearby signal controller to render the green signal for the pedestrian as soon as possible. A visual and audible acknowledgement signals will be emitted by the unit.


Other Resources

Guide by Transport Department in Hong Kong:

Link to “Guide to Public Transportation for People with Disabilities” published by the Transport Department in HKSAR:


Guide by The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation:

Read Section "B", "Accessible Transport".


Online Guide: "Wheel Away Disabled Travel - Hong Kong":

An online guide for travellers with a disability. "Wheel Away Disabled Travel - Hong Kong". It's written by an Australian who has been living with a disabled father in Hong Kong for 17 years and gives comprehensive information about accessibility of local transporation, in hotels, restaurants, tourist sights, day trips etc. It includes widths of room doors and bathroom doors and height of shower steps etc in over 60 hotels and also lists hotels which are not disabled-friendly, information on Rehabus and AHC and numerous useful tips.


Hong Kong Tourism Board's website regarding accessibility:

Hong Kong Tourism Board's website has plenty of information regarding accessibility for visitors to HK with restricted mobility.


Book: "Wheel Away Disabled Travel Hong Kong", by Sarah Fuller:

The detailed research, personal tone and hands-on approach of the author, Sarah Fuller, comes across in this carefully thought through, and easy to navigate city guide.  It contains practical information about getting around Hong Kong, and is not only for people with disability, but also for seniors and families with children in strollers who struggle to find a straight forward way around.