The Central Market is a building on Hong Kong island that represents the location of the very first 'wet' food market in Hong Kong. It was the site of a busy open-aired food marketplace from 1842 and 2003, when the building ceased operating and was more or less abandoned. These days, the use of the old Central Market building is mostly limited to the pedestrian corridor which provides access to the Mid Level Escalators. 

The good news is that In 2009, revitalisation plans and objectives were adopted for the Central Market building and as recent as July 2013, the 'Central Oasis' project plans have been approved. The Urban Renewal Authority has now notified the public that the project to revitalise the Central Market location into a green friendly building structure, to provide much needed open space for the public in the Central District, will go into effect soon, with a projected first phase completion date in 2017/2018

Until then the most use visitors will have for the Central Market will likely remain the pedestrian corridor. Interestingly, there is a model on display of what that building and area should look like upon completion of the 'Green Oasis' Revitalisation project that you can see when walking through the pedestrian corridor, and it is quite impressive. It should make a very nice area for locals and visitors alike once completed.