No longer a hidden gem, the Nan Lian Garden is now regularly considered a top ten attraction in Hong Kong and is often called the most beautiful spot in all of Hong Kong.  Nan Lian Garden was created in joint cooperation with the Chi Lin Nunnery (located beside the garden) and the Hong Kong government.  The 3.5 hectacre park was opened in 2006 and is based on the famous Jianshouju Garden in Shanxi Province.  

What to expect at Nan Lian Garden

The four major elements of a traditional garden are hillocks and rocks, water features, timber structures and ornamental trees, have all been included in this new park.  The garden was created to provide a serene and peaceful place to escape the busy city just outside the walls.  Built around the central water feature filled with koi are pavilions, bridges, fountains, several galleries and a tea house.  The natural areas include a banyan grove, landscaped pines and gardens providing much needed habitat for local wild birds.  Also included are rest areas, a souvenir shop and a vegetarian restaurant.

How to go to the Nan Lian Garden

The park is located just east of the Diamond Hill MTR station and is open from 7am until 9pm daily, free of charge.  Also, it is adjecent to the very beautiful Chi Lin Nunnery that should be visited as well when going to the Nan Lian Gardens.

For more information about the Nan Lian Garden Website.