If you're visiting Hong Kong with young children you'll need to consider the convenience of your hotel. This will be important if your child is likely to be tired or jetlagged and you need to get back to the hotel quickly. Taxis are abundant in Hong Kong and can be hailed anywhere (look for the glowing light on top), however the roads can often get very busy and if your hotel is not that close then you may have a stressful journey. Incidentally child seats are not mandatory, and in taxis you'll have to hold children on laps. The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) network is a fast and efficient way to reach many destinations, and it also links up directly with the Airport Express train that is an extremely fast and convenient way of travelling between the airport and the city centre.

If you're travelling with a baby or child who requires a stroller to get around, you'll find Hong Kong a bit of a challenge in the busier areas or when using public transport. A narrow, lightweight and easily-foldable stroller is recommended -  double-width strollers (for 2 children) will be extremely difficult to use unless you are staying in a park or some malls and getting there and back by taxi. The MTR does have lifts and wide ticket barriers at every station (although these sometimes can be hard to find) and most stations are spacious, clean and easy to move  around in. The Star Ferry is also stroller-friendly, and offers a good choice for travelling to/from Hong Kong Island from Kowloon. Many streets in Hong Kong are hilly and narrow, some have steps on the sidewalks, and occasional road signs may block your path! Many of the street markets are virtually impossible to get around with a stroller. If yor child is small enough to fit in a baby carrier than this is something you definitely may want to consider.

If you are looking for a relaxed hotel where you don't have to worry too much about your child being a little boisterous then The Salisbury YMCA is well worth considering. Family suites are available, so when your child is sleeping in the back bedroom you can still enjoy TV, drinks, room service and the night view from the wide floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel is located on Salisbury Road, next to the Peninsula Hotel.  It's less than ten minutes' walk to the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR on Nathan Road and the same to the Star Ferry terminal. Directly across the road from the hotel is the harbour-front promenade with that world famous view and historical clock tower. Shopping malls like Ocean Terminal are a short walk away. The ground floor cafe-type restaurant is relaxed enough for small children. There will be no need to stand on ceremony here. This hotel has a coin laundry, a reasonably good bookshop, a hair salon/barber shop, a terraced play area and runs daily courses such as aerobics - kids programs available. Oh, and there's an adult pool and a kids pool, too.

Hong Kong isn't just shopping and eating, and if you're bringing young children it's nice to know there are enough parks on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon to let the young ones stretch their legs. Hong Kong Park and Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens (HK Island) are highly recommended. It has a playground on several levels: slides, swings and sandpits.  If you get to the Peak Tram terminus (lower end), just cross the small street where the cars are parked and you're there. Stroll further into the park and you'll find ponds and an open air restaurant. Victoria Park (opposite the Park Lane hotel in Causeway Bay) is worth a visit too. And if you find yourself on the Kowloon side, then try Kowloon Park on Nathan Road. Just like the other parks, there's no shortage of space for the little ones to run around in. You might also like to take them to see the flamingos and wild birds and ducks.

Chinese people are very family-oriented so don't be overly concerned if your kids tend to be boisterous. Dim Sum is great for kids as well as adults because you can always top your order up as the trolley goes past, and Dim Sum lunches are casual, noisy affairs so you won't stand out.

 As far as attractions go, there's Ocean Park and Disneyland. Ocean park can be difficult to move around with strollers as it's built in the hills and the only way to move around different areas of the park is on the provided escalators - you'll also need to get a bus or taxi to travel there. Disneyland is flat and very open and easy to move around in, and also has a special Mickey Mouse train that links it up with the Sunny Bay MTR station. The beach at Repulse Bay is good, though a little difficult to access (via bus or taxi). There's hiking, too, and the area around the Tai Tam reservoir can be beautiful. 

Hong Kong is a place to come back to time and time again. Enjoy it !