Visitors to the Tibetan Chinese city of Lhasa have a number of options for getting around, which include by car, train, bus, and taxi. 

            A personal vehicle is the most convenient form of transportation available in Lhasa, as it allows the greatest freedom and flexibility in exploring the area.  Note: Chinese driver’s licenses are required to drive in the country.  Because many of the roads leading into, and around Lhasa are in very poor condition, Land Cruisers are the most popular rental vehicles.

            There are a few ways of getting from Lhasa to various other cities in China, as well as to Katmandu, Nepal.  The Qingzang Railway connects Lhasa to the city of Xining through the city of Golmud.  For route information, check out this Railway Map.  There is a bus that travels between Lhasa and Katmandu, Nepal, but the services are at times halted.    For more information, visit this Bus to Katmandu page. 

            Taxis are a good way of getting around the immediate city of Lhasa and can be found on any busy street.   Pedicabs can also be found throughout the streets of Lhasa, but can only take two passengers at a time.   Minibuses work much like taxis, but they may take various groups of people to different locations in similar areas.   Fares for all of these are to be negotiated, and should be agreed upon with the driver before starting a journey.   Because most drivers do not speak English, it is wise to bring along a map with the desired destination circled.