Bali is a small but densely populated island. The most common way to travel is via road seen as there are no trains and Public buses are the most common form of road transport for a native Balinese since most can not afford a car or moped. Buses are usually mini-buses, also known as bemos or colts, and travel many on the main roads in Bali.

These public bemos and buses are by far the cheapest mode of transport. They can also be a very good ‘cultural’ experience to show lifestyle in Bali.

One warning is that public buses do not always take the most direct routes around town and can get very full with locals. Since traffic can get very congested, this does not always lead to the most pleasant ride. In addition, there may not be air conditioning inside the bus and being stalled on a freeway in 90 degrees Fahrenheit may not enliven most people’s vacations.

Also, on the public bus, it is not uncommon to ride with produce and livestock! If one is flexible, has time to experience the reality of life in Bali and tolerance for crowded spaces and heat, the bus is surely something to write home about. When traveling from Kuta to Ubud, the bus may feel like a never ending journey. However, around town, it is more convenient and the cheapest way to get around.