Mentawai Islands

The Islands 

The Mentawai islands are situated about 150km west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. They sit on the edge of a continental shelf where deep water surges up onto the coral reefs that surround and protect them.

There are four main islands making up the chain including Siberut, Sipura and North & South Pagai. These four  islands are surrounded by many smaller islands. Their position makes them an excellent location for those seeking great surf.

The Waves

 There are thousands of waves in this chain of islands some of the best known ones include:

 E-Bay, Nipussi, Pit Stops, Bankvaults, Kanduis, Scarecrows, Telescopes, Iceland, Bintangs, Lances Left, Hollow Trees, Maccaroni's, KFC’s, and Thunders.